After starting the fast diet, also known as the 5:2 diet, I really wanted a resource I could use as a ‘go to’ that gave me the recipes that worked for me, a reminder of those that didn’t and to reflect and document the journey. What I have found through this experience is that some fast days are better than others and I really need a quick way to get inspiration for the next fast feast.

Is it possible to feel full on a fast day?  Some meals certainly work better than others. Each recipe added includes a Feast rating, this is 1 for left me wanting much more to 5 for meals that left me full to the brim.  Sometimes lighter meals are needed, especially when the calorie allowance is getting low! Other times I need a hearty meal to get through the day.  I hope that my collection of recipes will also be helpful to you if you’re following, or thinking about following, the fast diet. Lets see if we can find a way to feast on the fast days and make the most of those limited calories.





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