Easter tomatoes?!

I love chocolate. I love chocolate but it doesn’t love me. That does sound like something I wrote in my diary age 12 but chocolate was a boy and he didn’t make my tummy bloat to the size of 9 months pregnant. 

I’ve been suffering with tummy trouble since my teenage years. I always seem more sensitive than my friends and family to the things I eat and recently was confirmed as having IBS. I think though that’s a genersl term given for not being able to identify any ‘real’ cause for my condition. On a positive note it did rule out some more worrying conditions.  The symptoms are real enough though, bloating, a strong southerly wind ;), stomach pain and frequent visits to the bathroom.

My symptoms come and go and foods that cause reactions sometimes can give no reactions at other times, although generally once I start to get symptoms there are foods that will make me feel worse. One such food includes chocolate! Noooooo I hear the distance screams. I’m having a flare up at the moment so I know (after a mistake at work yesterday at our charity cake event) that chocolate will be bad for me and I need to avoid it for a while until my stomach shrinks down and my symptoms settle. But at Easter? Easter tomatoes anyone? It’s just not the same. 

On the plus side the 5:2 will be easier without temptation and it does generally help my IBS subside, until the next time I over indulge…

Hope everyone enjoys the Easter break in which ever way suits you best. 


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