Better than average

There are many sites out there to show huge success and changes people have made to their lives and health through healthy lifestyle changes. My story is, well, a bit average.

I don’t (and didn’t when I started this blog) have 10 stone to lose. I’m not particularly un-fit but could certainly benefit from a more active lifestyle. I run 5k once a week (sometimes!) always plan to do it 3 times and fail, and cycle a very short distance to work (literally a 10 minute ride away). I work hard, as do many, and have a young family. Mostly this works, at times it can be tough balancing it all.

As I near 40 I’m certainly getting softer round the middle shifting towards a size 14 but I’m tall (5 foot 10 inches) and should really be a size 12 (generally when I feel the best). I also seem to have more IBS flare ups than I used to and I think it’s my body telling me to think more about what I’m doing. I suppose what I’m really reflecting on that average is Ok, but can I take it beyond average.

I’m sure there are many out there with a stone or a few pounds to lose (some who may have already travelled a hard journey to get to that last stone- well done you’ve nearly made it) or those that know that despite an average weight could do more to embrace a healthy balanced lifestyle. It’s not really about weight (but that’s a lovely bonus) but feeling better. Having more energy and generally feeling well.

So let’s take it up a gear. What ever your journey, enjoy more, eat healthier, keep it balanced,  drink less (alcohol that is, but I’m certainly keeping my Friday end-of-week glass or two!) and let’s see if we can feel great. Better than average. 


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