Fast Diet: when cupboards are bare

I’ll be honest, I’ve struggled this week.  Feeling flat (emotionally unfortunately not tummy flat!) so I’ve have had a strong urge for comfort food.  I managed one of my fast days but failed to fit in my second.  Now it’s the weekend I’ve ruled it out this week and will get back on the wagon on Monday (sound familiar?!). My run date got cancelled and although I could have gone out on my own my husband and I ordered pizza and had a couple of beers, good for the soul perhaps but not very in keeping with my health plans!

Apart from my mental state of mind I’ve realised that this week I’ve been less organised than other weeks.  I haven’t posted a recipe for this weeks’ fast day as I grabbed a pack of mixed pulses and ate a bowl of cereal and an apple.  Within my calorie allowance but really not the inspiration I had in mind when I started this blog! 

So I’ve learnt the hard way, my scales haven’t changed and if I’m honest I can tell that I’ve eaten badly just by how I feel.  So onwards and upwards.  I’ll allow myself this week but hope to get inspired over the weekend for my next fast day on Monday.  I’ll also make sure I prepare ahead so I have something ready and planned for my fast day so I really can make the most of fast day meals!

Please do leave a comment if you have any advice for how you cope with those fast days where you don’t feel quite as enthusiastic as other days and are in danger of falling of the fast day wagon…



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