Ground Hog day

I almost called this blog Ground Hog Day or 11 stone 8 as for the last 6 months that’s been pretty much the only thing my scales have said to me each morning.  I’ve fluctuated by a few pounds over that time (holidays, christmas and one week of flu) but within a few days it’s ground hog day and there it is, 11 stone 8.

I’m tall, 5 foot 10, and a size 12 to 14.  That’s not bad but after two children I’m soft in the middle (and I’m sure getting softer!) so I want to trim up, get my energy back and head in to my forties (how on earth did that happen) as a healthier, fitter version of me.  In this section, The Fast Update,  I’ll add my progress updates and tips about things I’ve found helpful and things i’d avoid.

So an update one month in –

11 stone 3 and not feeling too hungry. 


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